The SANPAP DOO Skopje - Macedonia company was established in January 2014 and it is a representative of the renowned Turkish company - İpek Kağıt Eczacıbaşı. The İpek Kağıt Eczacıbaşı company is a leader at the Turkish market, and wider, and it is a synonym for quality, innovation and production of high-quality paper products.

The company is known for its brands Selpak, Solo, Silen and Servis, which offer a wide and quality variety of tissues paper, hand wipes, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc. at a convenient price.

The international many years' experience, quality, convenient price, wide range of products, flexibility, client-orientation, as well as the direct communication and fast reaction are the fundamental principles of our work. We strive to create long-term partnership relations with our clients, increase the satisfaction with the use of our products and continuous client support when realizing our goals.  

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